SROL’s Military Programs are divided into two sections – Operation Horse and Coming HOME, please click on the title links below to access the full page for more information
*See Videos of How EAP Can Help PTSD Combat Veterans (EAGALA Website)
*Watch over 25 videos of How Horses Help Veterans in very powerful life-changing/life-saving ways (SRoL YouTube)


Operation HORSE (O.H.)

Equine Assisted Services for Military Veterans

Coming HOME

Equine Assisted Services for Military Veterans &
Military Family Members

Spring Reins of Life is an approved EAGALA Military Services Provider Certificate earned and awarded in 2014 (renewed each year with ceu hours).  We are the 1st and currently only program in New Jersey!

Spring Reins of Life is also a partner with Real Warriors, Real Battles,  Real Strength (since 2011)

*With 23++ veteran suicides per day, we need to do something now today, not tomorrow. The Horses provide “present moment and peace” without having to “talk about it” and that is a great place to start!SRoL Military Cert 2014 FinalPrintSRoL Military Cert 2015