Here is Our Wish List

As a non profit organization, Spring Reins of Life is always looking to keep costs down so that we can apply our funding to mainly providing EAP and EAL services.  There are a number of tangible items that we are in constant need of in order to service clients, run administrative tasks, provide outreach to the community, and care for the horses, the following list is an outline of those needs.  If you have any items to donate or know someone who does, please get in touch with us at: and we will be happy to make arrangements for delivery or pickup.

  • Art supplies
  • Traffic cones (all sizes, colors and shapes)
  • PVC poles (all shapes, sizes and colors)
  • Yoga balls / large exercise balls
  • Rolls of white paper (for art projects)
  • Used horse shoes
  • Lumber (scrap lumber in various sizes and origin – please inquire with us)
  • Plastic barrels (any color but not metal)
  • Ribbons, yarn, string…(in many colors)
  • Vegetable dye paints (washable, non toxic – they go on the horses)
  • Street chalks (all colors)
  • Folding tables (large)
  • Folding chairs (in good shape)
  • Outdoor furniture (picnic tables, chairs, benches, gazebo, shade canopy tent)
  • Are you a horse-person and interested in directly helping our 4 legged colleagues?  We have options to partially sponsor a horse and/or portions of various base care items needed by the horses – please contact us if you are interested in helping the horses while they are busy helping humans (see The Straw Fund or contact us for more information)
  • Paddock Vacuum, yes for cleaning manure! This item would be considered a luxury, one that we would not be able to afford, but if it were to be donated – Oh boy! (this item is designed to keep pastures clean and parasite free by vacuuming up the manure piles, we still clean up our paddocks each week – the old fashioned way with a pitchfork and elbow grease)
  • Organic apples and carrots are the one item added to this list “from the horses” – accepted year round…