Become a SROL Volunteer

Barn/Farm and Horse Care Maintenance - Loading hay, walking horses, grooming horses, barn chores, mucking stalls, picking/cleaning paddocks, landscaping, hours of office work, help with our events and promotions…THERE IS ALWAYS WORK TO BE DONE! If you have an area of expertise, nonprofit experience, a passion or niche…share that with us.

To be a volunteer it is not necessary to have any horse experience, you can gain it with us.  We do require (for both legal and insurance purposes) that you fill out and send an application to us so that we can properly assess our needs in combination with your interest / experience.  SRoL schedules a one day volunteer training where we will go over and assign tasks, jobs and duties at hand and also explain both SRoL and Facility rules, provide orientation of chores and highlight benefits available to you.  Small children are welcome to join you as long as you can be responsible to supervise their visit.

Most volunteer schedules are on weekends (Saturday or Sunday ranging from late AM to PM hours), during the Spring to Fall season we have some Friday afternoon slots available.  All volunteer days must be supervised by an appointed SRoL staff member, for security and safety reasons NO VOLUNTEERS are allowed on the farm premises without staff supervision.

Work force volunteer matching!  Does your company participate in a volunteer outreach program? Many companies will compensate you for time volunteering for a verified 501c3, some will also send a donation amount to the charity after a set number of hours are completed.  Please check with your employer to see if there are any of these options available. If so SRoL will work with you and your employer to meet these goals / perimeters. This is another way that we can meet our funding goals and we will accommodate scheduling and facilitation of hours served to complete those requirements.

Virtual Volunteers - Cannot or do not want to work physically on the farm?  You don’t live locally (New Jersey)? That’s OK – we also need administrative help.  If you are not located in New Jersey, or not really interested in the physical aspects of doing barn and farm work – Please still consider the other areas that need support. We also seek out support and help for our events, programming outreach, public and private funding, various administrative tasks, research for Donations in Kind/ auction items, etc.  Please contact us and let us know where your interests reside as there are many ways that volunteers can help support our overall mission and cause.  Currently we operate solely on the basis of volunteer staff.  As the saying goes, it really does take a village!

Spring Reins of Life has lots of work to keep us busy and we welcome volunteers.  We can make best use of your expertise here at the farm if we know how you want to help.  New projects start all the time here, please fill out an application form and we will contact you with current opportunities available.

SROL Volunteer Application-Agreement HERE

Do you have Nonprofit Management or Development Experience?  If so, please consider volunteering time and expertise to one or more of our Advisory Boards (Military Services, At Risk Youth Services, Childhood Bereavement Services, or Strategic Planning).  How about joining our Fundraising Committee or Development Committee.  For more information on this please contact us at: