Become a SROL Volunteer

Loading hay, walking horses, grooming horses, barn chores, picking stalls/paddocks, landscaping, hours of office work, help with our events and promotions…

To be a volunteer it is not necessary to have any horse experience, you can gain it with us. We do ask that you fill out and send this application to us so that we can properly assess our needs in combination with your interest / experience.  SROL schedules a one day volunteer training where we will go over and assign tasks, jobs and duties at hand and also explain both SROL and facility rules, provide orientation of chores and highlight benefits available to you.

Spring Reins of Life has lots of work to keep us busy and we welcome volunteers.  We can make best use of your expertise here at the farm if we know how you want to help.  New projects start all the time here, please fill out an application form and we will contact you with current opportunities available.

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