The Straw Fund

Most all of our efforts in fund-raising are directed toward programming and services so that we can have the ability to provide EAP / EAL  services to those that we serve.  The horses at Spring Reins of Life, are our business. They are our biggest overhead cost, but they are also our biggest asset.  Without their help and assistance there is no “E” in EAP.  People often ask if they can help support or donate to the horses…the answer is YES! and here is how:

  • Volunteer Time

    The farm always produces work that needs to be done.  The horses deserve clean fresh paddocks, turn-outs, stalls and barn.  We are always gracious to accept help from those who can donate time, effort, labor and expertise in various areas.  If you have seasoned horse experience we can utilize those skills also.   Please see our Volunteer Page for more information or email us at  (Can download the SRoL Volunteer Application here:  SROL Volunteer App-Agreement)



  • Used Tack / Apparel Donations

    SRoL gladly accepts Used Tack and Apparel Donations (gently used / good condition) because even though our programs are un-mounted, we are able to sell tack on consignment and use the proceeds for feed, supplements and other supplies for the horses. By keeping overhead costs down, it allows more funding to become available for programming.  Horsemen’s Outlet in Hunterdon County is where we are able to bring in used tack, wait for it to sell and apply the credit towards the horses needs.  DIK receipts are offered to tack donors based on “estimated value”.  Items that are always in demand are:  Saddles, Bridles, Girths, Martingales,  horse show items (boots, jackets, shirts – No helmets accepted), etc.  If you have items to donate and are not sure if appropriate, please contact us at



  • The Straw Fund

    The Straw Fund  was originated by one of our powerful EAP mares that came to our program in a very special way.  “Straw” embodies courage, strength, heart, determination, independence and a super can-do attitude.  The Straw Fund began in November 2011 when we suddenly had to raise funds to cover cost of care for an essentially abandoned horse whom we knew was a brilliant EAP healer / EAL teacher!  We are fund raising on Straw’s behalf to cover the cost of her base care needs – the value of what she GIVES to society is far more valuable than the overhead costs required to keep her healthy and happy.   So avid horse lovers, equestrians, past clients, and to those who support our work and the populations that we aim to help – please consider The Straw Fund as a way to make a difference in the lives of others – both 2 legged and 4 legged!  Your tax deductible donation will go a long way towards creating a greater good for others.

    • To mail in a check/money order for The Straw Fund download the donation page here.  (*Checks are payable to Spring Reins of Life, with “The Straw Fund” in the memo line to appropriate usage).