Spring Reins of LIFE is constantly fundraising.  We are hosting craft fairs, bake sales, doing crowd-funding, selling books, and welcome more new ideas. Essentially the demand for EAP services in New Jersey outweighs our current funding stream.  Here are some ongoing fundraisers that will help us reach our goals of providing solace, peace & healing via the way of the Horse.

SPECIAL! LIMITED BOOK SALES – “Miracles Happen” by Chicken Soup for the Soul ~ Featuring our very own STRAW!
Straw has a chapter in this edition of Miracles Happen called “The Miracle Mare” (page 27).

Spring Reins of Life 501c3 is able to purchase copies from CSFS / Simon & Schuster at a discounted rate.  We were able to get Straw’s cooperation to sign 58 copies with her hoof-o-graph before her journey to heaven on 4/29/14.  Proceeds from this book are directed to The Straw Memorial Fund to help her current and future Herd mates who do this healing work.  Authentic hoof-o-graphed copies are $30.00 while supplies last. Once those books are sold we will have hoof-stamped copies available at a reduced amount (a casting was made of the Lady Heart’s LF foot which has been made into a rubber stamp of her hoof print).  Straw authentic hoof-o-graphed copies are on sale via our website (PayPal, check or money order) for $30.00 plus S&H.

PayPal Orders:


Check or Money Orders: 
You can order books by mail.  Send us a check or money order made out to:  Spring Reins of Life, Inc.  (please memo: Miracles Happen Book), to P.O. Box 5311, Clinton, NJ 08809.  Please indicate the number of books and clearly instruct us with a ship to address.  Each book is $30.00 plus $5.95 S&H.



CROWD FUNDING PAGES – Please Help Us Share and Gather Tax Deductible Donations (“Give $10.00 and pass it on”)

We have an online funding page for our EAP programming where minimum donation is only $10.00 (no maximum). Help us spread the word by sharing and emailing this link to your friends, family, and businesses that you feel might want to help out “a little bit”, if enough of these smaller donations add up over time or in large quantity, we will be able to help many people!


NEW! Crowd Funding Page on Fundraise.com – The current economy makes it hard for many people to make charitable contributions.  We have met many people who want to help but cannot afford a large donation. Crowd funding makes it possible to gather many small donations and still meet our programming goals. For all who are supportive of our Veterans Programming, we encourage you to “Donate $10.00 and Pass it On”.

Help us reach our funding goal for “Operation Horse” (EAP for Veterans with PTSD)  Click link and donate – one time – monthly – if many can do a little and share this with a friend, we can save lives!

NEW! Crowd Funding Page on Fundraise.com – For all who are supportive of our At Risk Youth Programming, please help us by joining our effort to “Donate $10.00 and Pass it On”.
Help us reach our funding goal for EAP and EAL Services for At Risk Youth.
  Click this link to go to donation page.  Fundraise.com automates all from safe banking to generating your tax deductible receipt, and easy share buttons to help spread the word. There is a waiting list for services right now, your support will make a difference!


*IF you would like to assist us with fundraising, we are always looking for volunteers.  Maybe you have great ideas, have done fundraising in the past, maybe you have some free time and passions for horses, youth, veterans or all of the above.  Please contact us and let us know – we would love to hear from you and welcome the support.