Corporate Donations/Giving

At our farm, horses help people who are struggling simply because they are generous, compassionate and non-judgmental beings. As a domesticated animal, in return for our care they become our best friend. And at Spring Reins of Life, they become our partners in healing those who are over-burdened with life’s challenges. We remain amazed every day how horses help humans.

We are equally amazed with examples of how humans help humans. The ability of so many to be so compassionate in the wake of trauma or disaster is truly heartwarming. But for some, every day is a trauma or disaster…children who have experienced the loss of a parent or loved one, teens who are involved in dangerous environments they cannot find a way out of, and soldiers who cannot let go of the suffering or death they have experienced.

We need your help to address the everyday traumas. Businesses and corporations benefit from the patronage of each one of us. There is no better way to give back for your success than by helping others in need. Our program is often the entry door for someone who needs help but is reluctant to seek care; your support of our program can change lives.

Please consider being one of our most sincerely appreciated corporate donors. It is your choice; you can support one of our specific programs, or simply be a sponsor of all the activities of Spring Reins of Life. We will recognize your donations and encourage our clientele to support your business.

Our website will feature significant corporate sponsors on our homepage for one year as well as include their logo and name on the signs which publicize the groups we offer during that time period. We also have a page on our website which will list all corporate sponsors and offer a complimentary link to your website.

Blue Ribbon (Official) Sponsor: Your company and logo will be listed on our home page of our website and signs advertising groups held for duration of one year. You will also be listed as a Blue Ribbon Sponsor on our website page for donors with your logo prominently featured and a link to your website.
Sponsorship donation……………………….$15,000 and over

Red Ribbon Sponsor:  Your company and logo will be featured as a “Red Ribbon Sponsor” on our website page recognizing donors for duration of one year.  Your logo will be included as well as a link to your website.
Sponsorship donation……………………..$10,000-$14,999

Yellow Ribbon Sponsor:  Your company and logo will be featured on our website page recognizing donors for a period of one year.
Sponsorship donation…………………….$5,000 – $9,999

Honorable Sponsor:   Your company will be listed on our website page recognizing donors for a period of one year.
Sponsorship donation……………………$1000-$4,999

Friend of Spring Reins of Life:  Your name will be listed website page recognizing “Friends of Spring Reins of Life”
Sponsorship donation……………All other donations

To become a ribbon level sponsor, please contact MaryEllen Salamone at to get started helping horses who help others!  To support our organization, please click here to donate now!

Spring Reins of Life is a 501c3 organization legally incorporated in the state of New Jersey.  Checks should be made out to Spring Reins of Life and all donations are tax deductible.