Spring Reins of Life is proud to be able to help struggling children, teens, service members and their families.  Our committed staff and compassionate horses look forward to helping many more.  But we can only do this with your help. Spring Reins of Life partners with other non-profit organizations to bear the cost of service delivery but relies on support from foundations, corporations and generous donors to assist us in providing care to those without insurance or adequate access to mental health services.

Horses are amazing companions and offer unique healing to persons suffering or grappling to cope with life’s challenges.  Owners have generously donated their horses for our program, but we assist in providing for their care.  We are proud that over 80% of our grant income is spent directly on programs…your dollars help those who need it most.

Please consider donating to Spring Reins of Life and we thank you most sincerely for your generosity!


There are several ways in which donations can be made to Spring Reins of Life. We have general donations, one time donations, corporate and private foundation sponsorships, monthly gifts via Pay Pal, participation in E-bay auctions and other fundraisers, as well as any physical items on our “wish list”. We organized it this way to make contributions flexible and with choices to hopefully attract donors of all kinds, both large and small, because truly – every dollar helps us provide these richly powerful services to those who can benefit the most.  Please explore the various options (some are listed below,  but also see the other pages within the Donate section that will outline more in-depth opportunities for support (Corporate Giving, Private Funding, Wish List, The Straw Memorial Fund...etc).  Visit the Gratitude Paddock where we take the chance to give thanks and honor SROL’s supporters.  Also please contact us if you have other ideas for support which we have not covered here, we are always open to hearing new ideas!


Ways to Give / Support Spring Reins of Life



NEW! Crowd Funding Page on Fundraise.com – January 2014
Help us reach our funding goal for “Operation Horse” (EAP for Veterans with PTSD)  Click link and donate – one time – monthly – if many can do a little and share this with a friend, we can save lives!

NEW! Crowd Funding Page on Fundraise.com – January 2014

Help us reach our funding goal for EAP and EAL Services for At Risk Youth. There is a waiting list for services right now, your support will make a difference!

For Residual Gifts Such As PayPal, Ebay, MissionFish, Amazon Smile, iGive, Google One Today, etc.  Please See: “WAYS TO GIVE”  Under the Donations Tab – Giving Small Amounts in Quantity Can and Will Add Up! Tell a Friend!

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