Spring Reins of LIFE

Horses, Humans & Healing (501c3)

Phone:  Temporarily Disabled  917-275-SROL (7765)

Email: General Inquiry – info@springreinsoflife.org

Spring Reins of Life, Inc.
PO Box 5311
Clinton NJ 08809-0311

Christianna E. Capra, Co-Founder  cecapra@springreinsoflife.org (or) 347-886-2798 (cell)

Located in Central New Jersey:

Foxx Creek Farm, Hillsborough, NJ

Guest visits are welcomed but must be by scheduled appointment only. We encourage curiosity for EAP services, however for insurance /safety precautionary reasons there are NO walk-in visits allowed.  This policy is for your personal safety, the safety of our herd and of the farm.  So please contact us in advance if you would like to schedule a time to stop by.

Live Demonstrations of EAP:

Annually in June Spring Reins of Life hosts an Open House / Demonstration of the EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Services. This annual DEMO is free of charge and open to the general public with the goal to show first hand HOW the horses guide and create healing pathways and coping skills for moderate to severe trauma survivors. This is the one time during the year where the community is invited onto the farm to see our work and meet the Herd. Live Demos with Horses:  Intro to EAP, Veterans and EAP, At Risk/High Risk Youth (teens) and EAP & Childhood Bereavement and EAP. The event is family friendly and each year includes: food catering truck, live music (band), awesome bake sale, gift auction, handmade crafts, face-painting, games and more! For Reservations and Details: Spring Reins of Life Events Page

Spring Reins of Hope (LLC) our sister company founded in 2009, hosts various  demonstration events throughout the year. These live demos are more intimate and usually targeted at a specific topic or audience such as bedside manner, leadership, team work, mental health for couples / families, etc. For information on dates and details please visit:  SRoH Events Page via Eventbrite


SRoL Quarterly Newsletter:

Spring Reins of Life produces a quarterly e-newsletter which is distributed at the beginning of each season (Spring session, Summer session, Fall session and Winter session).  If you would be interested in receiving our newsletters via email please fill out the form below.  In addition to the newsletter we would also like to invite you to our events, demonstrations and fundraisers.  To sign up for our newsletter please email us at General Information Email and put “Newsletter” in the subject line, you can add your email and any specific interest you have into the body of message.

Thank you for contacting us, we look forward to hearing
from you and sharing the solace that comes from being with
The Herd.


 “For thousands of years horses have plowed our fields, transported our civilizations, fought our wars, and pulled our carts,
now they are here to heal our hearts!
The sacred bond between man and horse is still very much alive. Come to remember what it feels like to find home again, rooted in a shared space spanning across time. Come to remember what it means to conjure the personal power and raw truth needed to BE present. These are gifts which are still available from a small, yet blessed place eternally wedged between the Human and  the Horse.”
~ Christianna E. Capra
(Director, Equine Services, SRoL)

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