Mission Statement:

To provide a safe, healing and empowered path to peace, positive growth and self-guided recovery for veterans, teens & children suffering trauma and loss with the assistance of horses as our guides.

Spring Reins of Life is dedicated to promoting psychological healing, emotional well-being and personal growth using the skills of mental health professionals and the assistance of horses.  For thousands of years there has been a unique bond between humans and horses, it is our mission to enhance and leverage this bond to reach individuals who are suffering from the effects of trauma; specifically combat veterans, at-risk teens and bereaved young children who are struggling with the combined stressors and obstacles set forth by either circumstance or societal confines.

Spring Reins of Life is an EAGALA Model certified program which provides EAP and EAL services to at risk / high risk youth, military veterans with PTS/TBI and their families, bereaved children and addiction recovery.  All of our services are provided for no cost or very low cost based on public and private tax deductible donations awarded to our programming.