Board of Directors:

Louis Parisi, Chairman
Kimberly Henry, Vice Chairman
Frank Totaro, Treasurer
Darcy Hahn, Secretary
Michael Colavito, Member
*Christianna E. Capra, Non-Voting Honorary Member (Co-Founder)

Advisory Board Members / Committees:

Christianna Capra, Director of Equine Services, General Advisory Board
Jeffrey Vollmar USMC Veteran, Military Veterans Advisory Board
Lisa Hiering, OIF USMC Mom, Military Veterans Advisory Board
Phil Pesano, Army Veteran, Military Advisory Board
Victoria P. Panna, SRoL MHP, Military Advisory Board

Fundraising Committee:

Kevin Rossi, Kristin Rossi, Karin Peklak, Jamie Hahn, Patti Cooper, Roger Greene, Gene-Ann Pesano, Rosanne Sonatore, Frank Bruno, Lisa Hiering, Jeffrey Vollmar, Victoria Panna, and Ginny Foxx.

*SRoL has openings available on our Military Advisory Board, At Risk Youth Advisory Board, Childhood Grief Advisory Board, Fundraising Committee and Donations Committee. If you are interested, please contact us.


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