Board of Directors

Louis Parisi, Chairman
Kimberly Henry, Vice Chairman
Frank Totaro, Treasurer
Sheila Weems Castellano, Secretary
*Christianna E. Capra, Non-Voting Honorary Member (Co-Founder)

Advisory Boards

Veterans Advisory Board

At Risk Youth Advisory Board

Erin Reyhan, LCSW (at-risk teen MHP for SRoL)
Kerri Bacall
Lisa Marie Weiss
Niquole Primiani
Christianna Capra

Childhood Bereavement Advisory Board


Fundraising & Donations Committee

Director: Erin Norbury
Members: Kristin Rossi, Kevin Rossi, Jessica Geng-Docar, Allison Hudock, Kerri Bacall, Kerrie Nagrod, Karin Peklak, Cheryl Stedtler, Erin Reyhan,

*SRoL has openings available on our Military Advisory Board, At Risk Youth Advisory Board, Childhood Bereavement Advisory Board, Fundraising and Donations Committee. If you are interested, please contact us.


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