EAGALA Military Services Provider Certificate Awarded to SRoL

January 4th, 2015

Spring Reins of Life 501c3 has earned and been awarded the EAGALA Military Services Provider Certificate. The first and currently ONLY program in New Jersey to earn this award.  EAGALA has presented for the DOD, The Pentagon and several VA centers. It was relayed that EAP needed to have evidence based research to prove that horses can save lives. It was also encouraged to create a special certification (in addition to the standard EAGALA Certification) that would address the specific needs, triggers and culture of military veterans and their families.

We are very proud to announce that due to the hard work from EAGALA MHP Victoria Panna MS, and EAGALA ES Christianna Capra the requirements for this certification were met and SRoL is now listed on the national roster as an approved Military Service Provider for EAP in relationship to PTSD, TBI, MST and other military combat related mental health issues.  The certification must be maintained on an annual basis with additional CEU hours and clinical exposure in the EAP arena.

For more information on EAGALA Military Services see this link:

Military Services Brochure / Videos, Testimonials, Media /Requirements Needed for the Military Provider Certificate

SRoL Military Cert 2014 Final





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