Sad News – Straw passed over on Tues 4/29/14

May 1st, 2014

The humans and horses at Spring Reins of Life find ourselves in the midst of shock and deep grief – we are heartbroken.  An official memorial is being planned, stories being gathered and information will be posted/shared to honor and commemorate this Miracle Mare’s majestic life.  At present moment, words are hard to find.  Just finding the path to processing this massive loss and the gaping holes left behind in her wake.  Straw left this world in the spring but on a “winter” day.  The next day it rained torrential.  Must have been heaven’s way of making room for such a large ANGEL to enter! An Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground

Straw began a quick decline on Sunday 4/27,  she suddenly slipped and fell becoming grounded on her “good side” and it took an exhaustive effort on ALL of our parts to get her up, Running S Equine came to help.   She was weak and a bit wobbly that evening but she did improve overnight.   On Monday, 4/28  Straw turned out for the day close to the barn so we could keep an eye on her and appeared to be doing fine until that afternoon/evening, where she did fall again onto her right/good side. With much less effort on her end and a lot more try on our part – we did get her up on her feet once again.   Monday evening Straw was quite weak and extremely shaky in her balance, which caused concern…but… she did have a veracious appetite ;).   Early on Tuesday morning, April 29th, we found her down in her stall on her right side (the good side that she could get up from).   Straw was trying to get up, thrashing and kicking, fighting to get to her feet!  One could see the “frustration” on her face.  With the help of Mid Atlantic Equine Medical Center, we ALL, including Straw gave our most diligent, muscled and valiant efforts to get her up to her feet for over 2 hours.   She so wanted to get up!   STRAW NEVER QUIT.  That word was never created in her vocabulary!  It became painfully clear that it would be on this day, where we had inevitably found the place where her broken, crooked, over-compensated body finally had run out of places to use for support and it did “quit” on her.   At approximately 10:30 AM, Straw was lifted up to heaven surrounded by love and caring support, she passed over peacefully and with Grace.  To say she will be missed is a gross understatement.  For all who know and love her – we hold her memory, her wisdom (Straw-isms) and her power in our hearts forever more.  Keeping close the vision of a valiant Straw galloping free across the sky – and maybe – every once in a while calling out to us… we will be listening.
Forever Grateful, Eternally Wise, Always Strong – Never Forgotten.  RIP Dear Straw – Run in Peace!

The Lady of all our hearts…

“STRAW” (The Miracle Mare)
March 31, 1991 – April 29, 2014

“Go Over, Go Under, Go Around, Go Through…but…Do Not Ever Give Up!”

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2013 NJVMA Service Animal Hall of Fame Award – Winner STRAW

Miracles Happen – The Miracle Mare books by Chicken Soup for the Soul   Featuring Straw (page 27), Special hoof-o-graphed copies are avail as fundraiser.

Therapy Horse That Helped Heal Human Souls Passes Away (Hunterdon Democrat/ May 15, 2014

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