“Coffee Clutch with Dutch Henry – Feature Friday” is about Spring Reins of Life! 1/10/14

January 13th, 2014

Check out the Feature Friday with Dutch Henry’s Coffee Clutch blog post.  Its all about Spring Reins of Life (5-1c3).









One correction:
CC is co-founder along side of MaryEllen Salamone. Without the insight and support of MaryEllen as co-founder Spring Reins of LIFE would not exist.  She served as Chair and ED from the start (filing applications in July 2011) through May 2012. Thank you MaryEllen! We have asked for a correction here.

Also, our ultimate goal is to be a full time EAP/EAGALA Model program, however lack of funding does hold us back from adding more days of work and therefore more sessions to those who request.  Currently we have a waiting list for services from at risk youth organizations, as well as veterans with ptsd, so funding is needed greatly!!! Our staff, volunteers and our board give their time, money and support to keep this dream going – it is a labor of love.

All donations are fully tax deductible so contact us to find out more today! Your support might create a new life path for a teenager, or it could save the life of a veteran!

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