Straw’s Induction into NJVMA Hall of Fame 2013!

March 1st, 2013

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Spring Reins of Life (SROL) is very proud to share this news about one of our cherished 4 legged colleagues!  Straw is a mare that works with us to provide EAP and EAL services to At Risk Youth, PTSD Veterans, and Bereaved Children.  Many of you may know her from our funding efforts to keep her brilliance with our team via The Straw Fund.

Today we are celebrating!

On Sunday, March 3rd SROL will be attending a special event hosted by the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) for an Induction Ceremony to the 18th Annual Animal Hall of Fame Awards Luncheon.  Our very own dear Straw has won one of these awards and we are all so proud of her!

Straw is a true miraculous example of courage, strength, determination, survival and beating the odds (no matter how high they may be stacked against you)!  She also shares very easy to understand brilliance of how “PITY” is  a 4 letter dirty little word – which serves zero benefit to anyone.  Compassion and empathy are kind. Pity on the other hand, is selfish and judgmental.  Both the facilitation team at SROL and our clients have learned these and other quite  valuable life lessons from this very wise, very seasoned and very sage-like therapist / teacher “horsona” who has blessed our path!

See NJVMA Video of Straw and SROL here!

To learn more about Straw and her amazing story visit this announcement on Thank you from The Straw Fund.


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Here is what CC plans to say on Sunday, March 3rd as she graciously accepts this award for service on behalf of Mamma Straw!

“IN Gratitude” (kiss + hold medal up)

Thank you – to Dr. Shari Silverman, VMD for this nomination, and also for your ongoing support to Spring Reins of LIFE.  Not only for Straw’s treatments but also as needed for the rest of our 4 legged colleagues. We Love You!

Thank you – to the NJVMA for this very special award and the recognition for Straw and our work!

Thank you – to the farrier team at Daisy Haven Farm for keeping Straw stabilized, balanced and comfortable!

Mostly though, I wish to THANK Straw! This mare is a “miracle” in several ways.  She has taught me personally so much – – – about – Resolve, Determination, and Strength!  All things that I have needed to learn in order to face the many challenges of starting this business.  I  am so grateful that we met! 

At Spring Reins of LIFE we are truly blessed to have the assistance and wisdom of your healing ways.  Our team is Honored to work beside you – Dear Straw. 

Thank you for opening each of our / and our clients eyes to ALL that IS-Possible as opposed to all that seems IM-Possible!

I do have a request of all of you listening today. With the massive number of doctors in this room, among you know of every farm and facility in this great state.  The location that we currently lease space from was just sold and so we are now exploring offers for a new facility to work out of in the Central NJ region. If any of you know of a possible match please get in touch with us.

Spring Reins of Life is less than 1 (one) year old and already, we have growing waiting lists for EAP services from both PTSD Veterans and At Risk Youth organizations.  Right now we are working hard to keep up with funding efforts in order to provide services to ALL those who seek solace from the horses! 

 Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of the conference!

~ In Peace, Love and Light ~


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